For the past year there has been a holistic wellbeing session held in the park every Saturday. In fact, there has been a session right through the winter – come rain or shine! These sessions provide a low impact and gentle way to maintain a standard of fitness which involves stretching, breathing, balance, posture and movements based on aikido (a non-competitive martial art). Exercise can be innovative, varied and creative. The long staff, short staff and silk fan are also utilised to perform “Forms” to help develop co-ordination and confidence. Other items such as balls, dumb-bells and stretch bands are also available. There will also be some basic shiatsu depending on circumstances.

These sessions are ideal for those who suffer from arthritis, asthma and other similar problems. There is also an element of self-protection and awareness.

The park sessions are not only to promote health and wellbeing but also to promote the park as a place for the community to enjoy. All park sessions are free to encourage as many people to participate.

Please note that sessions in the park are from 4 pm to 6 pm. (Times do vary during winter months) 

Please wear loose clothing, appropriate foot-ware…and just turn up…!!

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