The open meeting yesterday evening proved to be a lively affair. An update was provided by the Council regarding the Old Library. Details will be published on our website when these are received from the Council. Interesting suggestions were put forward by members of the audience such as moving the library back to its old location and freeing up space for learning at the Oasis site. Certainly the consensus was that the Council work with the community to ensure a sustainable and successful future for the building. The Ashburton Councillors were also present. They too in their working with Council are to keep FOAP engaged throughout the process. Mary Guruparan, FOAP Chair, gave an update on what has been achieved thus far by the FOAP eg getting rid of the ugly recycling bins, successful funding bids for gardening projects, moving the renovation of the Pavilion forward to name but a few. More people signed up to become formal members of FOAP. In all an informative and pleasant evening. the committee would like to thank all those that took time out of their busy lives to come along.